Enhanced Direct Primary Care plan unlike any other.

Our Direct Primary Care plans are designed to delight our members because we believe that happier, healthier, and engaged members are win-win for everyone. We maximize cost savings by offering a comprehensive suite of primary and mental health care with additional solutions like free labs and prescriptions with $0 copay + $0 deductibles - at a highly affordable fixed monthly price.

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Our memberships are supported by a network of national providers

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Primary & Urgent Care Services

General Medical Exams
Comprehensive Health Screenings
Cold & Flu Symptoms
Sore/Strep Throat
Upper Respiratory Infections
Sprains & Strains
Pre-Employment Physicals
School / Sports Physicals
Chronic Conditions (Diabetes, Hypertension, Etc.)

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Mental Wellness Visits
XRR Prescriptions
Alcohol abuse counseling
Tobacco cessation

Women's Health

Pregnancy Tests & Evaluation
Yeast Infections
Urinary Tract Infections

Prescriptions, Labs & Imaging

Prescription Discount Card (80% off prescriptions)
1,000 Free Prescriptions(See Prescription Formulary)
30 most common labs (See Benefit Overview)
QTF-Gold TB Testing

Our Network of Care Providers

Telehealth visits
In-home Visits
CVS Minute Clinic
Urgent Care Navigation
Labcorp, Quest Diagnostics
Can I use Vitable with my existing insurance?

Yes, as a health benefits plan, we are an amazing supplement! Many members use us in addition to existing insurance plans, and we encourage this.

Why should I use Vitable if I already have insurance? 

Vitable has your back where insurance doesn’t. We offer telemedicine visits within 24 hours, and referrals to in-person care within a week. No more months of waiting for an appointment!!

Additionally, Vitable will never charge you for anything. Unlike insurance, you can meet with a provider without being billed a copay.  We’re also much easier to access, use, and understand! We do not have ID numbers or cards, and all Vitable services are provided by Vitable’s own providers.Vitable is an incredible supplement to any existing health plan you may have. 

How long does it take to activate my account?

It typically takes about 24-48 hours to activate your account 🙂.

This could be expedited if you have an urgent reason to be seen (ex. actively sick, vomiting, fever, etc) then our team will reach out to you to verify your personal information and run security checks for the safety of our providers - we will also confirm that you are in our area of coverage - if we are unable to activate your account, your membership fee with be refunded

How do I sign in for a telemedicine visit?

For telehealth - its a video appointment through the app, we don’t usually call people for their appointments, they should join the telemedicine link in the appointment on their app

How fast can I be seen by a provider?

In most cases we can do same day telemedicine appointments! For In-home visits (and in some cases telemedicine) appointment availabilities can range from 48 - 72 hours.

Are my children and spouse covered?

Yes! Your whole household is covered with Vitable with no additional cost to you 🙂. No limit to dependents on your plan either!

What hours can I contact Vitable

Our Member Concierge team is available Monday-Friday from 9am to 7pm EST, and Saturday-Sunday from 9am to 12pm EST.

What happens if I need a services that you do not offer?

At Vitable, our number one priority is to keep our members healthy! Sometimes, the best way to achieve this is to refer you to additional care. If your Care Team identifies a critical health concern, Vitable will direct you to Urgent or Emergency Care Services.

Business owner

9 out of 10 employees say they will stay with their employer to keep Vitable

Keep your team happy by giving them a benefit that they'll actually use! Employees who are offered Vitable see higher utilization and gave us an NPS score of 94.

Offer it to everyone, only pay for those who enroll.

With memberships starting as low as $1 per employee per day, we designed a cost-effective way to keep your best people happy, and your bottom-line even healthier.

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Primary Care

Whether you need a physical for camp, school or work, get it on your schedule so you can get on with your other important tasks.

Mental Health

We make mental health easy and discreet by providing access to a licensed therapist to diagnose, manage, and treat mental illnesses.

Women's Health

Vitable providers will help support your health whether you're looking for birth control options, a pregnancy evaluation or treatment for a variety of conditions.

Lab Testing

We make lab testing easy, by bringing providers in-home or routing tests through one of our national partners.


Members get over 1,000+ free medications. Pick up at over 70,000 nationwide pharmacies or have them delivered.

Chronic Conditions

Vitable's care helps you manage your chronic condition with the same comfort and convenience that our concierge visits bring.

Occupational Health

Access a workplace pop-up clinic for all your business occupational health needs.

What's included

A benefit that covers everything outside of the four walls of the hospital

We bring primary care, mental health, lab testing, and more directly to the homes and phones of your employees.
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Care for your employees and your bottom line.

Our memberships are designed with employers in mind. We provide a comprehensive suite of health services for over 80% less than it would cost you to offer traditional insurance to one of your employees.

Affordable Payments - Only pay for employees who enroll
Integrate directly with your HR platform or payroll provider
Simple and always easy to use

Real stories from real customers

“There's no better partner”

When you see the benefits over time, you're going to realize there's no better partner than Vitable. They're checking in weekly, wanting to make sure everything is happening the way they promised it would.

“Worth it's weight in gold”

To be able to offer that type of service. It's worth its weight in gold. I really appreciate our partnership and the benefit you are to our employees as well as our school.

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"My staff and I love it"

Vitable is good for people both with health insurance and without health insurance, It offers health care with no deductible, and it’s incredibly convenient because they have nurse practitioners that go to the employees’ homes or do telehealth. My employees and I love it!

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Custom build your benefits based on your budget and the services your employees need.

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