Streamline your caregiver onboarding with a workplace pop-up clinic

  • Free Lab Testing (TB, 5 Panel Drug, and More)

  • No paperwork. Technology enabled admin tools.

  • Get 2x faster turn around for results

  • National network of partners to extend reach.

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Our pop-up clinics are supported by our network of incredible partners

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Get up and running in minutes. 
Save days of manual labor by connecting Vitable to your HR software or payroll provider.
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Clinic services

Simplify your everyday with a streamlined, organized employee onboarding solution

We create a fully operational clinic and conduct employee health screenings with no disruption to the workday ─ from break rooms to offices, we makes any space screen ready.
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TB Testing

Access QuantiFERON Gold TB testing for your workforce onsite or through one of our national partners.

Drug & Alcohol Screenings

5 to 13-panel drug tests, schedule recurring tests, DOT testing, and on-demand testing.

Physical Exams

Conduct pre-employment physicals, annual physicals, OSHA physicals, and return-to-work physicals.

Fit For Work Assessments

Evaluate your employee’s readiness to work in physically intensive environments.

Hearing & Vision Screens

Our exams confirm that your employee meets these standards to protect themselves and those they serve.

COVID-19 Testing

Ensure your workplace is Covid-19 free by bringing our providers onsite to conduct rapid and PCR tests on your employees.

X-Rays & Imaging

Coordinated x-ray and imaging services for your employees through one of our national partners.

Vaccines and Injections

Protect your employees and customers from illness - Vaccinations are available upon request.

CPR Training

Train your staff to be ready for anything by inviting one of our board-certified providers out to get them CPR certified.

General Wellness Clinics

Bring a provider onsite for any of your employees or their families primary and urgent care needs.

Vitable Benefits Employer Dashboard - Request Clinic Feature
Streamline pre-hire health screenings

Cut down the time to onboard caregivers by 87%

Schedule clinics, track compliance and results, and manage your employees directly through your company dashboard.

Integrates with your hr platform / payroll

Get up and running in three easy steps

Connect your HR platform, import your employee role, and start scheduling clinics for your occupational health needs

Vitable Benefits Employer Dashboard - Connect with HR Platform or Payroll Provider

Equip your agency to manage the rapid growth of the Home Care Industries

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