Delightful health care for educators and their classrooms.

Our health plans are designed to delight our members. Because we believe that happier, healthier, and engaged members are win-win for everyone. We provide a comprehensive suite of primary and mental health care services for over 80% less than offering traditional insurance to one of your employees.

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Primary Care

Whether you need a physical for camp, school or work, get it on your schedule so you can get on with your other important tasks.

Mental Health

We make mental health easy and discreet by providing access to a licensed therapist to diagnose, manage, and treat mental illnesses.

Women's Health

Vitable providers will help support your health whether you're looking for birth control options, a pregnancy evaluation or treatment for a variety of conditions.

Lab Testing

We make lab testing easy, by bringing providers in-home or routing tests through one of our national partners.


Members get over 1,000+ free medications. Pick up at over 70,000 nationwide pharmacies or have them delivered.

Chronic Conditions

Vitable's care helps you manage your chronic condition with the same comfort and convenience that our concierge visits bring.

Occupational Health

Access a workplace pop-up clinic for all your business occupational health needs.

What's included

A benefit that covers everything outside of the four walls of the hospital

We bring primary care, mental health, lab testing, and more directly to the homes and phones of your employees.
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Vitable Benefits Employer Dashboard - Request Clinic Feature

Access an on-demand
pop-up clinic for your facility

Schedule clinics, track compliance and results, and manage your employees directly through your company dashboard.

A tech-enabled dashboard to manage literally everything

Connect your HR platform, import your employee role, and start scheduling and managing clinics for your occupational health needs.

Vitable Benefits Employer Dashboard - Connect with HR Platform or Payroll Provider

See how delightful and comprehensive a lightweight health benefit can be

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